Why is Iceland a popular wedding destination?

It has been apparent for some time now that Iceland is a very popular wedding destination. Just what is the reason for this? Why are young people so eager to hold their wedding ceremony here and, by the way, a souvenir session of the event? There will be quite a few reasons, and below are […]

5 Great Places to Have a Wedding

Church weddings can be beautiful, intimate, and incredible, but some people want to break free from the “norm” when they get married. The good news is that you can get married just about anywhere your imagination takes you. If you’re planning a wedding but want to do something different, consider the following ideas. Beach Wedding Beach weddings […]

What about a wedding in Barcelona?

Barcelona is unique. It combines the best of a large cosmopolitan city with tradition in its most pure and authentic form. The Catalan capital is at the forefront of the cultural world, and with its romantic spirit and beautiful sea, it is a perfect setting for major events. The fusion of authenticity and modernity makes […]