How To Choose Wedding Tents

Weddings in recent years have been particularly relevant as unique events. If before, eating well and abundantly prevailed, wedding couples are now looking for different and charming places to celebrate a different wedding to surprise their guests. This change in the bride and groom’s tastes means that farms and restaurants must strive to offer original wedding tents since, in this competitive market such as weddings, the cared and prepared spaces make this type of celebration something special.

In this sense, wedding tents have become an essential aspect for farms, hotels, and restaurants, thus offering covered spaces in which to celebrate this type of event. They are also a practical and functional solution for couples who want to get married on a farm or in a private home and need a covered space to celebrate the banquet or dance.

Tips For A Good Choice Of Wedding Tents

It is not easy to choose a marquee to celebrate a wedding. In couples who want to rent a tent to celebrate their marriage on a particular farm, they will have to choose themselves in many cases among many different models. In the case of farms, restaurants, and hotels, the decision is even more complicated because, in many cases, they are tents that they acquire to leave them fixed as part of the establishment’s equipment. For this reason, it is advisable with a few keys on how to choose a wedding tent.

From the outset, one of the doubts that first assail both couples and caterers when requesting a budget is the size that the tent should have.  To calculate the ideal size of a tent, we must take into account several aspects:

Tent model. According to our extensive experience, in this type of event, the most widely used models are the polygonal marquee with a 15-meter façade, in addition to the gabled marquee with a 10-meter façade.

Table types.  The most common at weddings is that the banquet tables are round, with a diameter of 1.8 m., and usually, ten people sit.

Tips On How To Use Wedding Tents

Outdoor weddings are one of the darlings of the bride and groom. However, the concern with rain or sun in the guests is excellent. Therefore, many couples choose to use tents for weddings; after all, they give an extra charm and create a cozy and beautiful environment.

How To Wear Tents At A Wedding

The tents for a wedding can be used in different ways to create the ideal environment for each ceremony. According to the decoration, they can create the effect you want: romantic, stripped, boho, classic or elegant. Be sure to get a clear tent for wedding.

Advantages Of Outdoor Wedding Tents

  • Protects guests from the sun and rain;
  • Helps to demarcate the event space;
  • They guarantee beauty and comfort to your wedding.