Idaho’s Top Wedding Venues

There’s no denying the fact that Idaho is one of the most beautiful places in the USA. Among the many features that make it outstanding are its breathtaking wedding venues strategically hidden within the state. Regardless of the type of wedding you want to have, Idaho certainly has the right location to make it memorable. To help you make the right choice, here’re the top four wedding spots you should consider for your Idaho wedding:

  1. Tamarack Resort

If you love stunning mountain views, white churches and a magical scenery, then Tamarack resort should be your first option for an Idaho wedding. Tamarack Resort is a scenic area located in the Payette River Mountains Regions in Idaho. It’s generally a popular all-season destination for many types of events, but it’s mostly adored for creating lovely outdoor weddings.

Many people love how the picturesque mountains in Idaho attract a bloom of colorful wildflowers across the foothills, meadows and valleys. The trillium, buttercup, dwarf waterleaf, columbine and wild forget-me-not are among the wide array of natural color that anyone looking to have an incredible wedding would appreciate.

In the resort, you’ll find one of the most popular wedding spots known as The Arling Center. There, you’ll be treated to historic charm, luxury and natural beauty. The location has about 10,000 square feet space to facilitate weddings and receptions. It’s where you’ll find the three distinct buildings. The non-denominational building with outstandingly bright windows known as The Chapel, which can host as many as 140 guests is the first one. If you have more guests, then you can consider the largest building in Arling: The Grange. It can accommodate as many as 200 people. The School House is a lovely bride’s room, and you can use it as a waiting area for your bridal parties.

If you don’t like the Arling Center, then Fern & Feather, a venue located at Osprey Meadows would definitely work for you. This is one of the best places in Tamarack resort to conduct your rehearsal dinners while enjoying great views of the Cascade Lake.

This resort also offers amazing wedding activities that your guests can participate in, including scenic lift rides, zipline canopy tours, skiing, mountain biking and rafting.

  1. Still water hollow

This majestic wedding destination is located in the authentic setting of the Idaho countryside in Nampa. It is a combination of rustic, country elegance and romantic feels, making it the perfect wedding destination choice for anyone who wants to have a special wedding.

In the venue, you’ll find an 1899 chapel, a beautiful gazebo and many cottages to remind you of the value and splendor of simplicity. Inside the Barn, you’ll find a lot of indoor space to host guests of up to 150. If your guest list is larger, then the outdoors would be perfect, as it can accommodate about 500 guests.

Still Water Hollow is the perfect oasis for the country lovers and a couple that wants an escape from the stresses of city life.

  1. Galena Lodge

Galena Lodge is perfectly set between the Sun Vallew and Sawtooths. Just like Still Water Hollow, this venue is the perfect getaway from the busy city life. This lovely wedding destination is exactly 23.5 miles north of the city of Ketchum, and it is one of the best places to enjoy an authentic rustic wedding.

In the venue, you can enjoy a rehearsal dinner and a wedding package. Your 200 or less guests can enjoy the reception at the lodge right after the ceremony in the stunning Senate Meadows.

  1. Blackhawk on The River

This venue is one of the best wedding destinations in Idaho for very many reasons. However, the fact that it is set on the longest stretch of the Payette River, McCall makes it pretty outstanding-in my opinion. The area is also full of wildlife, space and recreational activities.

If you want to have an outdoor wedding in a huge magnificent lodge located near the river, and with a perfect blend of tall, dense pines and a swishing river as your main backdrop, then Blackhawk on The River should be on your list. Truly, this is the best venue for a perfect woodsy wedding.

The venue has quite a number of locations that would be great for your ceremony. The best ones include the Fireside shelter overlooking the river and the Fishing Grotto that contains white sand beaches that lead to the river bank. Regardless of where you choose, however, you can be assured of truly stunning views and backdrops in Blackhawk on The River.