Posing Tips for New Couples to Look Perfect In Their Wedding Photos

The idea of taking hundreds of photographs on your wedding day can be a daunting task, unless you are a professional model. So, now the question is how to pose, in order to guarantee photos that you can frame or include in your album.

Fear not, as digital cameras allow multiple images in a matter of few seconds. Now professional photographers can capture any moment in the most beautiful manner. It is important that we do not force any shot, which will ruin the true essence of the photos. Therefore, to get an idea about naturally posing for your wedding, you can check the portfolio of Gilles Perbal, a photographe de mariage à Aix-en-Provence.

 Below mentioned are some of the most opted for wedding day poses:

  • Brides admiring the dress before putting it on.
  • Grooms tying the tie or buttoning a suit jacket or lacing his shoes.
  • The first look on the wedding day is also an emotional moment.
  • Wedding dresses are elegant from each angle and the bride twirling around can make the photo come to life.
  • Couples’ candid laughter pose looks great for a portrait photo.

Posing tips for perfect wedding photos

  • Uncover your best side and practice it by taking selfies, so that you can pose with your best face forward.
  • Tilt your chin a little to make your facial features look more chiseled. Looking straight into the camera eliminates the shadow, which helps to contour your face.
  • If you have an oval or round face, then angle your chin a little downwards to avoid creation of double chin.
  • If your forehead is pronounced, then lift the chin a little upwards to create balance.
  • A large smile can puff out the cheeks and eyes get squinted, so practice smiling naturally by thinking about spending the rest of the life happily with your spouse.
  • While posing don’t press arms against your torso. Instead place them on your hip to highlight your waist. You can even conceal your arms by holding the back of the person standing next to you.
  • Your gown has concealed your legs, yet bend a knee to avoid looking stiff or cross your ankles to narrow your hips.
  • Never close your eyes while kissing, it gives the feel of nervousness. Kiss naturally!

The couples need to carry on with all the planned ceremony, without being conscious about wedding photographer around them. The photographer will definitely let you know if things are not looking good. For example, many couples want their smiles to be perfect, so they practice a lot. The worst part is they end up looking extremely self-conscious because they gave it an overthought. The photographer will identify this and give a signal.

If you have insecurities of height difference or a side that you prefer, then discuss this with the professionals. Speak up, so the final photographs look efficient. Make sure to have fun on the big day. If you are feeling uptight and stuck with the camera and everyone’s eyes on you all the time, then take a break, dance around and meet guests, and comeback.

Enjoy your wedding and allow the wedding photographer to capture the most beautiful moments of your life naturally.