Making Sure You Plan Your Wedding as a Partnership

Planning a wedding is an incredibly special time for the two lovebirds celebrating. It is only natural that out of the two of you, one of you might be more excited than the other about the details and the planning side of the big day. After all, how many young girls dream of their perfect wedding day from an early age and have aspects of their big day planned out in advance? Equally, there are many people who just want to celebrate with loved ones and keep things as simple as possible. There are no right or wrong answers, but what we would always offer as advice is that you plan your wedding as a partnership, thinking about your partners feelings at all times and ensuring that you have a special day that is perfect for you as a couple, not just for one of you more than the other.

If your partner hasn’t had a perfect dream about what their wedding day would be like, but you have, it can be easy to just take complete control and plan the wedding day alone. This might seem like a good idea at first, but the best weddings are those that are the perfect embodiment of both of you. On top of the specifics of the wedding plans, planning everything alone can be tiring, mentally draining and a strain on your relationship if it gets out of hand. Always work together as a team, and you’ll end up with a much better wedding day. This is especially the case now, with wedding planning during the coronavirus causing untold complications for couples everywhere in terms of cancelled dates and restricted guest numbers.

The first thing to do is to sit down and discuss your budget. This is vitally important, as the rest of the wedding plans can only follow on successfully if they are completed within your budget. Work out how much savings you currently have between you (set up a separate wedding fund that isn’t touched for other spends if possible), how much you can both afford to save within a certain timeframe, and how much money you might expect (or have been promised) to receive as gifts or loans from family members of close friends.

There will be times where you have a strong conviction over what it is that you want from a particular part of the wedding, but you should always consult your partner and ask his or her opinion on the matter. This should go for all aspects of the wedding planning, as you do not want a situation on the day where there is one part that you or your partner either doesn’t like at all or doesn’t even know anything about it. It isn’t your day, or their day, it is for both of you.

As early as possible in the process of planning a wedding, you should sit down with your partner and discuss all aspects of the wedding. Write down what it is that you both definitely want from your wedding day, as well as aspects that you definitely do not want. That way, you can begin to put together a plan that reflects your life together as a couple and a clear demonstration of how well you work together as a team. Once you have made this initial plan, you can begin to plan specific parts of the wedding that suddenly fit into a coherent plan and theme, such as buying your wedding dress, choosing a wedding venue or thinking about the wedding catering. It should be an exciting time, and it should always be a partnership.