Speaking Against the Misdeeds of Abiola Oke 

OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica are the leading music companies in Africa. During the tenure of Abiola, there has been news of unrest and exploitation of the female employees working within the company. The women were paid a below-market salary, and there was inadequate leadership on their part. The female employees were targeted, and they were being sabotaged for several wrong reasons. People in the position used slanders and verbal abuses while interacting with the employees. Inappropriate behavior within the company made the female workers annoyed and aggressive. They now wanted a positive change to happen with the step down of Abiola from the position of CEO.

Misbehavior at the Workplace 

There was a lack of empathy, and Abiola Oke has been responsible for all-purpose. His conduct within the office was not apt, which made people go out of their minds for long years of sabotaging and misbehavior. There have been other people coming on Twitter protesting against Oke, and this made him resign in time from the official post he was holding as a CEO. There was one woman to state that Oke misbehaved with her and harassed her sexually. Such an allegation was quite serious, which made Abiola fall into trouble.

Oke was a Bad Authority 

When Oke was in authority, he tried to exert influence over the women who worked under her. He tried sexually harassing the woman in question and used verbal abuses to treat her lowly. When she tried protesting against Abiole, he was extremely rude to her. The woman reported things to the photojournalist Yagazie Emezi and things were brought to light in consequence. Protesting at the right time is immensely important to save yourself and others from sheer harassment. If you are late and shaky, people like Abiole will take advantage of the situation and ponder your self-confidence.

Standing by the Employees 

A company stands best only when the employees are made to feel happy and dignified. If the sabotaging continues for days and years, the internal condition of the company can be quite severe. Based on these presumptions, the rest of the board of directors decided to take action against Abiola. They set up a third-party committee to look into the matter and investigate the real cause for such misconduct on the part of Abiola. Once things had been confirmed, the former CEO was made to resign from the position.

Protesting against Injustice 

Abiola Oke was a man of real talent. He has been the spokesman on different occasions, and he is the star celebrity of companies like OkayPlayer and OkayArfica. A woman came forward anonymously, and she started sharing her story regarding the then CRO Abiola. She even invited others to come up and speak the truth. It is not easy to speak against a man in authority. The woman was brave to speak against Abiola, and the circumstances have been obvious to make the man in power resign from the position. In the beginning, the woman felt nervous to refuse his sexual demand. But gradually, she built the confidence and brought the matter into public.