A spectacular And Unique Wedding Venue: 135 Meters Above London

Imagine how incredible it is to exchange vows seeing the spectacular skyline of London. A wedding day is a special day that should create beautiful memories of the whole event. The coca-cola London eye tops offer you a spectacular and unique wedding venue around London. Here, you get to celebrate and enjoy the view of London from a height of 135 meters with a whole crew of family and friends.

The stunning view will make you mistake the place for tourist attraction but do not be mistaken. The iconic London wheel is a popular place for lots of engagement and marriages. The iconic wheel is one of the most rated and romantic locations in the UK.

However, the London eye ranks second just after the Eiffel Tower. But apart from the breathtaking views, what else could make this London landmark on the menu of most lovers? There is no magic done to add romantic epics on the London eye.

The London eye idea came from a young couple named David Marks and Julia Barfield. And since its launch in March 2000, over 7000 couples have made vows while there are more expectations of couples getting married on the London Eye. Over 1000 civil partnership ceremonies and weddings ceremonies have also taken place on the same landmark.

Every year, February 14th turns the place to read with more romance and several glasses of champagne being consumed. That makes it the best place to spread the love for those who matter a lot to you.

Despite having 32 capsules, the numbering excludes 13, and the 13th capsule is 14. The numbering begins from 1 to 33, but that still makes 32 capsules after excluding number 13.

So, if you are planning to propose to your fiance, you can book the entire capsule and wait for the right moment of getting your knee bent about 140 meters high. A single capsule has the capability of accommodating about 28 people.

During the stay, the hotel will organize a chocolate tasting and champagne tasting at a fee. However, if you only want to enjoy the champagne on a shared capsule, your ticket will cater for a lower fee on champagne tasting. Other exclusive service packages for you to enjoy include mulled wine tasting, three-course dinner tasting, and Pimms tasting, which come at a cheaper rate.

Some of the wedding packages to enjoy in the capsule include:

  • A dedicated civil ceremony coordinator
  • A bouquet of decorative flowers
  • A glass of champagne for each guest
  • Two rotations on the London Eye (1 hour)
  • A Cupid’s Capsule to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

So, book an exclusive private capsule for you and your guests from a reliable hotel and designated by the registrar’s office in Lambeth. All wedding capsules are decorated to perfection. As the capsules float high on the London eye, the civil ceremony coordinator will ensure you and your fiances are pronounced husband and wife.

As the capsules descend to the ground, the newly engaged couple will have a champagne toast and ceremonious picture session alongside their guests.

If you happen to look for a wedding venue, the London Eye is a spectacular place to carry out your wedding ceremony. The decor and unique ceremony in the London eye will leave good impressions that will make your wedding day spoken about for months or possibly years.



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