Features That Could Make Any News Application Stand Out

Flipping through the pages of a massive old newspaper is a thing of the past in these changing times. Everything has gotten digitised in this day and age. Mobile applications are the most recent example of this. We have apps for purchasing, finance, food delivery, and taxis. We also have apps that can help you locate a job quickly, such as the government jobs alert app. Here are a few crucial features that are sure to make a news app stand out.

Besides just delivering breaking news, news apps should have a facility where users can register and log into the application to access news articles. They can log in through their mobile numbers, email address, or through their social media accounts. Then, the app should push the relevant news or notifications through a user profile according to a user’s interests.

For a news site and app, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial aspect. Because as soon as news articles drop, search engines should pick them up and surface them on google search before other news outlets report them. For this purpose, a dedicated team of SEO experts should drive the SEO optimisation of the news app.

The app should facilitate filtering news into different categories like sports, entertainment, politics, finance. In addition, it should be able to notify you about the various community events.

The idea behind having a news app is so that the viewer has easy access to your news stories. A search option is ideal, where the user can navigate the preferred content by typing out a few words.

Users enjoy sharing intriguing news articles and videos with their friends and family through social media. A newspaper app facilitating this seamless sharing would be the best way to promote the app’s contents.

Other features like a section on matrimony, where one could look for a potential spouse according to their community, religion, area, etc., would be ideal, like in a Tamil matrimony app.

Not everyone can get access to the internet at all times, therefore an offline feature that users can use to download the news stories when online and access them in detail when the person is offline. It acts as a helpful feature.

There should be an option for users to choose their favourite sections or categories or even subscribe to them. There is better engagement when the user starts subscribing to content by its type.

Advertisements can be annoying, but the correct placements of these ads can make a huge difference. Ads don’t need to be random. You only need to engage the right ad provider who can provide you with several kinds of ads. That suits the content type; for example, if your article is about a bike model release, the ads of competitor bikes are more likely to get a click or maybe even less of dislike from the users than an ad related to buying real estate.

Adding audio and videos to articles would also be a great way to convey the news better.