When Should You Start Your Wedding Registry?

Registering for your wedding gifts is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding, and something that most couples enjoy doing together. But knowing where and when to start can be tricky. To help you to get registered, and ensure the gifts you list are items you actually want, here’s everything you need to know about putting together your wedding registry. 

Where to Register

Most stores will have some form of registry service, and the vast majority of these will even offer this service online, so that you can shop for your gifts from the comfort of your own living room. If you want items from more than one store then look to services such as Joy Wedding Registry, which will enable you to register with as many stores as you like and then merge your items into one list, for the convenience of both you and your guests! 

Registering with more than one store is a good idea, because it means that you can get the items you really want, rather than settling for an inferior version if your main registered store doesn’t have the item you want in stock, for example. 

When to Register 

Your wedding registry should be ready before you send your wedding invitations out, so that organized guests can order their gifts as soon as they receive their invites. It is recommended that you send out your wedding invitations approximately three months before your big day, so you may want to start curating your registry around 6 months before your big day, giving you plenty of time to source all the items you’re looking for and ensure your list is complete before people start looking at it. 

You might also want to consider getting inspiration for your list a little earlier (around 9 months before your wedding) and thinking about the kinds of items you would like to receive: this will make it much easier for you to collate your list at the 6 month mark, and find the specific items you would like. 

What To Register For

The items on your wedding registry should ideally cover a wide range of price points, from around $25 to $500. Often groups of friends or co-workers will club together to buy more expensive items, whilst ensuring there are several lower priced items on your list will ensure no one feels uncomfortable or like they should spend over their budget. The items on your registry are normally items that you and your spouse can both use and enjoy: if you don’t need traditional home décor or kitchen items then think about registering for other things you can enjoy together, such as equipment for your shared hobby, or outdoor furniture to enable you to better enjoy your outside space. Whatever you register for, it should always be for items you can use together, as wedding gifts are for the couple, rather than for an individual.