Wedding in Mumbai – preparation, organisation, and planning

When you are eagerly waiting to get married to someone special in your life, you must think about organising many things ahead of time. You must never prepare at the last minute, even when you have decided on the final date.

You can avoid last-minute stress when you plan much before that special day. So, in this article, we will cover some tips that can help you prepare effectively for the special occasion.

Decide the budget:

Soon after you finalise the day for the wedding ceremony, you must start deciding on the budget. While going through the initial planning phases, you must ensure how much you have to spend. Besides, you also need to ensure when you must spend that day.

Hence, you must select the essential expenses once you list numerous things. Once you are aware of what you have to spend, you can be able to figure out the exact budget. It will help you plan properly and avoid overspending on unnecessary plans.

Be quick in contacting a photographer:

Booking a professional photographer must always be on top of your checklist. If you delay, someone else might book them as you have to ensure that the photography style matches your choice. As you get in touch with the professional photographer, you must first review his portfolio. You can reach out to multiple photographers before finalising one.

Remember that you must never make delay in finalising your booking with a photographer. Good photographers are often overbooked, so it is better to hire them in advance to ensure they stay available. If you try to find a photographer at the last minute, you will not find someone that is perfect for your day. So, it is better to approach one of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai well in advance.

Finalise the guest list:

While planning the wedding, you should not be confused about whom you should invite. So, in that case, you have to note down the names of individuals and segregate them into certain categories. Apart from your friends and office colleagues, always remember to invite your relatives and neighbours.

As soon as you prepare a long list, strike off the names whose absence will not matter on that special day. You can later divide the list depending on the residential locations. This tip will make sending the invitation cards to all the individuals easier.

Select the venue for the wedding:

Since you will be organising an extravagant wedding, you must ensure that you find the best venue. If you start searching for a venue a few weeks earlier than the final day, you will be unable to book the location.

It will happen because many families are trying to seek the best venue, just like you. However, when you visit the venue for the first time, you must be sure about the space and ambience. You will have to consider these factors when you have already thought about an approximate number of guests.

Choose the best caterer:

Once you finalise the venue, you must check whether the team offers catering services. If the team doesn’t offer cuisines or different types of food items, then you have to get in touch with the best caterers in your city.

But, before choosing a caterer, you must decide what the menu should be for the occasion. Besides, you can also speak with your friends and acquaintances to learn more about the best caterers. If you can’t extend your budget, you can consider including traditional cuisines on the menu.

Hire a wedding planner:

If you hardly have the time to plan for a wedding, then you can think about hiring a wedding planner. Once you start interacting with an experienced wedding planner, you must ensure that he organises everything per your needs.

But, it’s always a good idea to hire a planner a few months before the day so that he can execute all the things smoothly. Apart from executing everything, the planner will assist you and support you in every instance. He will also simplify things and help you plan with the budget you have on your mind.

Check the latest trends:

When you’re concerned about your outfits, the design of invitation cards or the theme, you must check out the current trends. You can relax next to a table and conduct online research when you’re not occupied with work.

Once you start searching for the trends, you will come across many things at first glance. You can later think about choosing the trends based on your preferences. After all, you must not choose some weird trends that can affect the special occasion.

Select appropriate wedding invitations:

While you’re about to finalise the design of the invitation, everything from the colour to the content and font must matter to you. As you keep the design simple and subtle, the design must reflect the theme of the wedding.

But, before you confirm anything, ensure you have done the research. In those instances, you can source suitable images from many websites and think about what you want to print on the cards. Later, you can insist the designer design a copy with a creative bent of mind.

Think about preparing for live entertainment:

Every wedding becomes memorable only when you entertain the guests with live music and performances. So, when the final day is approaching soon, you can consider contacting famous bands around the city.

You can think about getting in touch with dance performers so that the guests will always remember the special day for a lifetime. On the contrary, if you don’t have a budget for booking a music band, you can surprise the guests with performances of your family members.

In the end, you can set aside some time for a pre-wedding shoot. Moreover, you must start following up with the vendors when you have only two weeks to prepare for the wedding. You will also have to step out for shopping when you know the destination for your honeymoon.


There are many things that you have to think about when you’re planning a wedding. First and foremost, you will have to decide the budget, finalise the guest list and select the best venue.

Afterwards, you must choose the best caterer and follow the latest trends to carry out the ceremony in style. When the final day is about to arrive, you have to book a professional photographer, plan for live entertainment, and select the design of the invitation cards.

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