Who Can Rent A Bus With A Private Driver For A Wedding?

Bus Rental for Weddings with a private driver is a service for everyone. As a result, the spouses and a friend of the family or a loved one can thus undertake to do so. However, to avoid any disappointment, it is essential to be well informed about this service’s different terms and conditions.

Why Rent A Bus With A Private Driver For A Wedding?

Several obvious reasons can lead a person to rent a private bus with a driver for their wedding. Renting a private bus with a driver makes it easier for the spouses to have their guests at their place of ceremony. All you have to do is communicate their different addresses to the driver so that he can pick them up. With such an initiative, you will also respect your timing. Plan your guests’ travel between the place of the ceremony and that of the reception. After the wedding ceremony, the festivities will be in a specific place reserved by the bride and groom (restaurant, hotel, etc.). This will be the perfect time for the couple to cut the wedding cake and treat their guests.

However, if, between these two moments, the couple reserves a surprise for their guests, then it would be wise for them to rent a bus with a private driver. Having the route to follow, the driver will have the heavy task of driving your guests to their destination. With such a service, you will have the opportunity to impress your guests and, of course, to share with them all your precious memories. After that, they can finally follow you to eat and continue the evening without worrying about transport and parking.

Manage The Travel Of Your Guests After The Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes, after the wedding ceremony, some couples continue to party with friends outside the wedding venue. A bus or minibus can be handy at this time. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to drive this beautiful world in complete safety to the most beautiful cities in France, such as Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, and many others.

Better still, a wedding bus rental with a private driver can also, under certain conditions, allow you to leave French territory (for those celebrating their wedding near the borders). It all depends, of course, on what you have planned for your wedding.

Last but not least, your guests will be able to get home safely without worrying about who is driving. At weddings, the consumption of alcohol is widespread, which could endanger your friends. A minibus rental is expected if you want to be quiet in this area.

What Conditions Must Be Met To Rent A Bus With A Driver For A Wedding?

Booking a wedding transport bus with a private driver is an easy operation that is not subject to restrictions. You have 14 days before the ceremony to pay your invoice. You must also inform your service provider by giving him some important information such as:

  • the different places of the ceremony and the reception
  • the planned route
  • the start and end times of the festivities
  • the number of people, etc.