5 Great Places to Have a Wedding

Church weddings can be beautiful, intimate, and incredible, but some people want to break free from the “norm” when they get married. The good news is that you can get married just about anywhere your imagination takes you. If you’re planning a wedding but want to do something different, consider the following ideas.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are a popular option and for good reason. They provide beautiful scenery and enjoyable weather. And you have plenty of fun things to do after the wedding.

If the idea of getting married on a beach seems “overdone,” expand your thinking a little bit. You don’t have to stick to Florida or California beaches. There are beautiful ones all around the world. If you’re willing to travel further, the world is your oyster.

Yacht Weddings

If you want the beauty of the water in the background of your photos but don’t want to walk along the sand, consider having your wedding on a yacht. They provide a unique and private wedding experience, along with some amazing photos. You can even pull some movie poses, like the all-too-famous Titanic pose. And you have an excuse for less formal attire – if that’s what you want.

Historic Weddings

There are places around the world that can make an incredible backdrop. Old English castles are a good example. If you can find such a venue you like, you not only get incredible pictures but they’re great places for wedding banquets. You can look and feel like royalty, leaving you with some incredible memories.

Mountain Weddings

If you’re looking for an incredibly scenic wedding, there are plenty of mountain venues available. You get the benefit of breathtaking views, fresh mountain air, and versatility. Whether you want a large wedding or a small one, mountain weddings are a good option.

Like beaches, you are not limited in locations where you can have a mountain wedding. They are all over the place, from warmer climates to cold ones.

Additionally, they provide a great opportunity to dress however you choose. Formal wear is completely acceptable. However, so are casual dress, themed wedding outfits, and everything in between. Mountain weddings are often popular with bikers, adventurous spirits, those looking to elope, and pretty much any other group.

Vineyard Weddings

Vineyards offer an equally beautiful location to get married. You have beautiful scenery – often with mountains or miles of gorgeous land in the background. They provide an incredible backdrop while producing a sense of peace.

These venues are also very versatile. You can go formal or completely casual. This includes table arrangements, as they are typically prepared with everything from fine dishware to farm-themed items. As a bonus, most locations have a gorgeous indoor venue that you can use should the weather turn south.

It’s your wedding. You want it to be memorable and unique. The venue ideas mentioned above are some incredible options, but always keep your mind – and your eyes – open. You never know when you’ll spot the perfect place to start your marital journey.