Why Pattaya is the Perfect Wedding Destination

Have you recently decided to tie the know with a loved one? Making the step in a relationship to become a married couple can be daunting. It is especially nerve wrecking when you take into account the added pressure of having to organise a wedding. In our society, a wedding is a celebration of the love between two people, therefore, it is almost as if the wedding must be an amazing occasion to represent the relationship. This is not the case, but there still exists the pressure of organizing a fantastic wedding! As well as this, there is also the pressure to put on a good event for your guests. Weddings are notorious parties and putting on a show for your guests can be a tough ask. There is so much to think of, dresses, venues, food, and music. Wouldn’t you love if there was a place that had it all? Well, fear no longer, this article will show you why Pattaya, Thailand, is the perfect wedding destination.


We all have that picturesque vision of a wedding abroad, the white sand, the gentle tropical breeze, and the chilled coconut being sipped by the sea. I would not be alone if I said that this sounds like a dream. Thankfully, this is not a dream, and it can be your reality. Pattaya has accommodations that boast some of the most stunning and breath-taking sites imaginable. Located south-east from Bangkok, Pattaya is removed from the cities hustle and bustle. Swap the busy city life for a relaxed beach atmosphere. There are a broad range of wedding resorts in Pattaya that you can choose from.

Attractions to See

Pattaya has something for everyone. If you decide to have a wedding there, you can be sure that your guests will be entertained. If there are kids attending the wedding, families can book a fun day out at Ramayana Water Park. This is located near to the centre and tickets go for around $33. If you or any of your guests are considered foodies, then you will be sure to love some of the markets Pattaya has to offer. To add to this, Talad Tote Night Market is a must. While you are here, why not try out some crocodile steak?

Pattaya has it all. The romantic setting is the perfect wedding destination. The multiple attractions will allow you to stay entertained even after the celebrations are over.

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